Application areas

Initially, the SUBLIMOTION-processĀ® was developed by Phibo Industries as an innovative method for the surface treatment and finishing of structures and components made of stainless steel intended for the food industry. In the first instance, Phibo wanted to offer a solution to functional problems and failures, which stainless steel surfaces show after manufacturing and assembling structures and components for this industry, namely:

  • A visually unfinished product
  • Surfaces with all kinds of contamination generated during handling and processing such as the typical discolorations in welding zones, microscopic surface damage, grease spots, impurities, etc.
  • Surfaces, which do not have good (poor) hygienic characteristics. More specifically, their cleanability can be significantly improved

However, in the meantime the SUBLIMOTION-processĀ® has also found its way into a number of other sectors besides the food industry, thanks to the benefits that the specific surface characteristics offer.

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