The SUBLIMOTION-process® is a controlled surface conditioning process, which has been developed by Phibo Industries to create a surface with a specific added value. In this way, the SUBLIMOTION-process® cleans and conditions various types of substrates and surfaces in a controlled and reproducible manner, delivering extremely beneficial surface roughness, topography & energy and offers optimal corrosion and material fatigue resistance.
Amongst other things, the combination of the afore mentioned surface characteristics results in:

  • Lower sensitivity to (dirt) adhesion
  • Strongly improved cleanibility
  • Strongly improved hygienic characteristics of the sublimated surface in general

Today sublimated structures and components are absolutely indispensable in applications - including absolutely critical ones - in which these kinds of characteristics play an important role. This is also due to the fact that the SUBLIMOTION-process® also makes it possible to treat components without damaging or deforming them.

Phibo Industries has developed this technology and filed a patent at European level as well. Besides, we develop the processing equipment and implement them at our customers workplaces. However, our customers are executing the SUBLIMOTION-process® by subcontracting. They are the officially accredited SUBLIMOTION-applicators.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in implementing a SUBLIMOTION-process® installation in your company or if you want your components being treated by our officially accredited SUBLIMOTION-applicators.

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